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Website Cleanup

Your website has been hacked and it has been confirmed by all the signs and notifications from heaven and Google. And of course the Virusdie scan: you have been notified by email and reports, you can view infected files, and see many red blocks on the timeline.

But do not panic, you have plenty of options. Unless... Virusdie has already done all the work for you.

Website malware cleanup

Virusdie, or actually Website Antivirus, not only scans each website for infected or suspicious files at regular intervals set by the user. It also cleans the website automatically and thoroughly within a few seconds.

Virusdie patches vulnerabilities, removes malware by deleting fragments of malicious code (Trojans, redirects, backdoors, shell scripts, XSS/SQL-injection, brute-force and login attempts, incorrect queries, content scraping, or malicious uploads) from within images and the HTML, PHP, JS, or system files, quarantines infected files that can't be fixed, and automatically backups files before cleanups.

Quarantine and backup allow the user to recover files within 30 days via the Recycle Bin icon on the Antivirus Cleanup Report tab or the toggle-switch in the File Editor.

The web cleanup is supported by AI-powered algorithms and provides users with 360-degree protection and the long-awaited security. However, the most important thing is that any automatic cleanup makes the website stable and fast.

How to clean a hacked WordPress

Virusdie is an incredibly powerful, intuitive tool that even novice users can use to scan, clean, and keep websites protected. All they have to do to clean hacked WordPress site is add the infected website to Virusdie's dashboard and hit the toggle-switch. When it lights up green, automatic cleaning is enabled. That's all.

When a security issue is detected or fixed automatically the user receives an email notification immediately. Virusdie generates also weekly and monthly reports with detailed information about recent events.

In most cases, Virusdie can solve problems completely automatically. In other cases, it provides sophisticated but user-friendly functionalities to investigate and solve the problem within minutes.

Malware scanning & removal reports

The malware scanning and removal reports available in the Website Antivirus panel list all infected or suspicious files detected.

malware scanning and removal reports

The tools allow users to view fragments of files with malicious code by clicking on the file block and add files to be ignored in next scans to the exclusion list the.

Web cleanup for advanced users

Virusdie's approach to website security and cleanup is based on sophisticated but user-friendly technology that allows you through scan and clean hacked wordpress sites with a one click.

But it also offers functionalities for advanced users, for example, descriptions of malware and vulnerabilities with detailed recommendations on what to do in case of an attack.

Web cleanup for advanced users

Virusdie provides them also with a built-in search tool that allows the user to search the contents of webpage files and a file editor that highlights sections of hostile code and helps to track down malicious and suspicious lines in infected files. It not only makes it easier to detect and analyze sections of infected code, but also enables their editing and manual removal.

Automatic backups and file recovery

Before any WordPess malware cleanup files are automatically backed up. The functionality allows the user to automatically recover cleaned or deleted files via the Recycle Bin icon in the Antivirus Cleanup Report and the toggle-switch (Current file / Backup) in the File Editor.

Canceling the cleanup results

The user can also use the Abort all changes function, which allows to undo all changes made during automatic cleanup, with one click, i.e. to restore cleaned and deleted files.

Before any WordPess malware cleanup files are automatically backed up. The functionality allows the user to automatically recover cleaned or deleted files Virusdie makes it possible to solve 100% of the security problems that most companies and users face, either completely or partially automatically. It is a powerful website security tool designed to be user-friendly and to work automatically. It scans, cleans, and protects websites with just a few quick-action buttons that can be accessed from a single dashboard panel. It also offers tools for advanced users. Or for ambitious beginners who want to learn and understand the rules of protecting websites.

In both cases, this automatic, sophisticated solution saves a lot of time while keeping websites protected and safe.

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