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Website Security

Website security

Nowadays website security management is no longer a "nice-to-have" functionality, but rather an essential tool for any company, business, developer, or user. Now, all website security issues can be handled and solved with just one click, because security does not have to be hard to maintain anymore.

Regardless of the type of malware or vulnerability, Virusdie security software automatically scans, cleans, and protects a website on the spot in a very powerful and friendly way.

Moreover, it not only finds, removes, and quarantines infected files, but also removes malicious code, shell scripts, Trojans, redirects, backdoors, and many others from PHP, JS, HTML, images, and system files and website database, in the blink of an eye.

Website security monitoring

A scalable website security analyzer monitors website files, databases, plugins, themes and the core of the website for most security issues, such as: Malware, vulnerabilities, hHack attempts, incorrect queries, XSS/SQL-injection, brute-force/login attempts, content scraping, and malicious uploads.

Website security monitoring

Virusdie security software also mitigates DoS (Denial-of-Service) attacks and enables automatic virtual patching that provides 0-day protection.

Moreover, automatic website security monitoring not only reduces costly website infections those take the life right out of your company, but also ensures the security of collected data to comply requirements of regulations and protects the website owner from heavy penalties related to violation of the aforementioned regulations.

How to check a website security

Just add your websites to the dashboard, download the sync file, add it to the websites' root directoryies, and start security monitoring with one click! That's it. Your websites are protected and safe, and you have plenty of time for more important tasks.

Website Security Tools

All website security tools are available through a single cloud-based dashboard with a very user-friendly interface. A full description of malware and vulnerabilities, a file editor with highlighted malicious code, a database editor, a file manager, and comprehensive search tools allow you to minimize risks and control malware and vulnerabilities from the very beginning.

Simply add a website, set some options, and Virusdie will manage your websites' security based on regularly updated anti-malware database.

Website security review

Your website security check is supported by reports and alerts, email notifications with website scan results and significant hack attempts, and monthly PDF summary reports with hack attempts and blocked requests history presented in traffic statistics in the form of pie charts showing the difference between regular and blocked traffic. We also provide support via a ticket system.

Extra website security scanning tools for advanced users

Continuous malware scans, vulnerability scans and automatic website cleanup that helps you check website files and database automatically are enriched with extra built-in search tool that helps you search through file content on all your websites in a half-manual mode, giving them 360-degree protection and providing you with a complete sense of security.

The website security scanning tools and automatic website cleanup guarantee that your websites will run stable and fast after cleanup. Malware removal and vulnerability patch is done in seconds, sco you can focus on your business and work as your website is protected by Virusdie and safe.

Website security for Wordpress and more

Our solution is compatible with PHP-based websites and popular frameworks such as: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DLE, etc.

Website Security Firewall

Virusdie is a complete website security solution with automatic malware scanner and cleaner, plus virtual patch manager, as well as an integrated firewall that runs in the berserk mode by default ensuring the highest website security.

The firewall has a sensitivity tuner, country blocking, IP and URL whitelists and blacklists, and custom firewall rules.

The website firewall can protect websites with the following CMSs: Joomla, Wordpress, DLE, Drupal, ModX Evolution/Revolution, 1C Bitrix, Yii framework 2.x, OpenCart, CS.cart, NetCat, PrestaShop, HostCms, UMI.CMS, Amiro.CMS, Magento, CMS Made Simple, XenForo Forum, CodeIgniter, PhpBB, Webasyst, Stressweb, DiafanCMS, Vtiger CRM, Koobi CMS, Simpla, VipBox(Engio), InstantCMS, Symfony, Laravel, Dolphin.PRO

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